About President & CEO

Cocktail International is what it due to the passion and hard work of a proven leader and spontaneous innovator, My Syed. He has brought a decade of successful business ownership experience to Cocktail International. His dedication, enthusiasm,and professionalism have attracted many fruitful opportunities to Cocktail International. When it comes to being successful and humble at the same time, Syed has proved himself worthy. He has a good reputation in the market owing to his friendly behavior and an understanding personality. Apart from this, he has been a leading authority with full responsibility in various industries including Finance, Telecommunication, Real Estate, Fashion, Food and Beverage, and Internet Marketing. In these tough times where a pandemic has stricken the whole world, business is down everywhere and people are struggling to keep their business floating. Syed on the other hand with his diligence and powerful persona has lead Cocktail International in the right direction and made sure that there were no miscommunications in any sector. His unique way of handling important matters with grace and integrity, creative problem solving, and commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of every project at Cocktail International. His personality is one in a million as he has been driving the corporate culture successfully ensuring his clients and staff that the old customs of the company are still alive and in action. Syed is a qualified and experienced individual as he attended the Seneca College in Toronto. Right from the beginning, his focus remained on business. He has completed Chartered Public Finance Accounts from Chartered Institute of Public Finance, UK. Syed is a successful businessman who is also a fellow of the Pakistan Institute of Public Finance. Syed has proven that it doesn’t matter if you have the highest of degrees, your attitude is all that matters. The way he works with his customers and employees with fine balance and fairness, his fellow businessmen and the industry feels very grateful to have such an aspiring leader who has an aim of taking his business to the next level while ensuring the safety, security, happiness, and contentment of both his clients and employees. Syed has proven with his work experience that he can handle any situation gracefully especially in the challenging times where COVID-19 has taken over the world. The strategies he used to keep the business on track while making sure that all his customers are treated well deserves a round of applause. Syed has always been there for his employees. All his employees are very happy to work under his supervision as he values the comfort and relaxation of his employees a lot. He believes that an employee will only be able to give his 100% if he is mentally and physically relaxed. So Syed makes sure of that all the time. His successful ideas and innovations have brought many opportunities to Cocktail International and its customers